Development Fund

The SCACR Development Fund is a Designated Fund within Sussex County Association of Change Ringers administered and accounted for by the Association Treasurer.

The funds are available to support any project that meets the Aims of the Association and encourages or develops change ringing or handbell ringing in Sussex, and which does not fall within the guidelines of the BRF or SYRF, including, but not limited to:

  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Exhibition materials
  • Development of a new website
  • Establishment of Training Centres
  • Development of ringing teacher skills
  • Tower augmentations
  • Purchase of Association assets (e.g. a mini-ring)
  • Refurbishment of Association assets (e.g. handbells)

Applications for funding should be made in writing to the Association Secretary who will seek approval or otherwise from the Association Trustees and the Association Master. A simple majority in favour will suffice for a grant to be awarded. Funding may be sought for full or partial costs of a project and may be awarded in full or in part as appropriate for the circumstances.




The Bell Restoration Fund (BRF) is a registered charity (268588) which provides financial assistance for the restoration, maintenance and improvement of existing church bells, towers and belfries. The fund also supports preservation of bells from redundant churches. All the fund's activities are within the Diocese of Chichester in Sussex. 

The fund is administered by the BRF Committee, which comprises the Association Master, General Secretary, BRF Secretary, Treasurer, Trustees and four other appointed members of the Association. The committee coordinates fund-raising for the BRF. Applications for a grant for financial or other assistance must be made to the BRF Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) using the Application form. To make a donation to the BRF, please see the main Charity Overview page.

The BRF report and accounts are published in the Annual Report (at the AGM) each May for the previous calendar year. A copy of the Bell Restoration Fund Bye-laws can be found

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