What is Bellringing?

Bellringing is a team activity for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Although some ringers are members of the church where they ring the bells, many ringers are not - you don't have to be Christian to ring the bells at a church. Many consider ringing to be their contribution to church life, others do it for the pure pleasure and the company it brings.

Bellringing is an excellent way to keep both mind and body fit and active. Ringers are part of an inclusive and extensive community - at their local tower, within the county, across the UK and even internationally. 

"When I’m ringing I forget all the tensions and frustrations of the day. Even better: I couldn’t wish for a nicer group of friends!"

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Change Ringing

The origins of change ringing lie in the sixteenth century when church bells began to be fitted with a full wheel. This gave ringers control of their bell, allowing sets of bells (rings) to be rung in continously changing patterns.

Music is created by altering the order in which the bells sound. This is done in defined sequences of changes called methods. Learning a few simple methods allows ringers to join in with other bands in towers around the world. Changes can be rung on tower (church) bells or on handbells.

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