What can YOU do for ringing? Call for volunteers for CC Workgroups

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The five Sussex reps voted in favour of reform of the Central Council (CCCBR) in April, as requested by the majority of ringers in Sussex. Now the reforms are going forwards, and the new president of the CCCBR is asking for “grassroots” ringers to get involved! This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference; to give something back to ringing; to build and secure a bright future for ringing.

Volunteers are requested to get involved in the new workgroups (as members or leaders):

  • Volunteer and Leadership Development (working with David Smith and Alison Everett)
  • Tower Stewardship and Management (working with David Kirkcaldy and Ernie de Legh-Runciman)
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Historical and Archive
  • Direct membership channel (helpers working with Phillip Barnes)

More details in this week’s issue of The Ringing World (5551 15th September), or on the Central Council website.

Please have a think about how you could get involved in the new workgroups. The equivalent positions in the committees were open only to the elected Central Council representatives, but the workgroups are open to all ringers!

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