HM Queen Elizabeth II and Operation London Bridge

Many ringers will be saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth II and will wish to mark this historic moment appropriately.  The recently updated "Operation London Bridge" guidance for bellringers is available here. This guidance was produced by the Central Council in consultation with the Church of England.

Summary of Guidance

  • Bells should be rung half or fully muffled depending on how many muffles you have. If you have enough muffles it would be appropriate to ring fully muffled with the tenor backstroke open.
  • Ringers are encouraged to ring at 12 noon on Friday 9th September, for one hour if possible.
  • Provided that ringing has been approved by the church authorities and does not conflict with other guidance, longer lengths of ringing may be appropriate.
  • If you have weddings that have booked the bells in the next 10 days, your tower captain should discuss with the incumbent whether or not the bells should be rung.
  • Ringing over the next 10 days: 
    - Bells should remain half or fully muffled until the day that the Palace proclaims the new Monarch.  At that point bells should be rung open in celebration of the accession at a practicable time (again, with the agreement of the church) following the announcement.
    - Bells should then revert to being rung half or fully muffled until the day of the state funeral (10 days after the announcement of the death).
    - On the day of the funeral bells should be tolled for the hour immediately prior to the time of the Funeral Service. This may afford those an opportunity to ring a quarter peal, but general ringing or tolling would be acceptable.
Notes on ringing muffled
Two muffles can be fitted, one on each side of the clapper, to fully muffle the bell. For safety reasons, muffles should always be fitted and removed with the bells down. To muffle the backstroke, put the muffle on the side of the clapper that is furthest away from the rope. To muffle the handstroke, put the muffle on the side of the clapper that is nearest to the rope. 
Bellboard event
Ringing in memory of The Queen may be linked to the Bellboard event for this occasion.
We appreciate that some bands may need additional ringers to make up numbers; we encourage you to make use of the SCACR Facebook group to request assistance from other ringers.
Please check the Central Council website for further guidance.

Sussex Memorial Weekend - 2-5 September

Instead of the usual quarter peal week, Sussex Memorial Weekend will be taking place on Friday 2nd to Monday 5th September 2022. 

The aim of this event is to commemorate the lives of those who have been lost over the past few years. These may be specific individuals (e.g. ringers, or those who supported ringing), or more general performances in memory of those lost to COVID.  

We are encouraging ringers to "ring a first" - this could be a first performance of call changes registered on Bellboard, first quarter peal, first quarter inside, first in method, first peal, etc; on handbells or tower bells...  Please get in touch with your District Secretary if you would like help to find a band or a venue.

Bellboard event, "Sussex Memorial Weekend" has been created - please link your performances to this event. 

Safeguarding update - August 2022

Safeguarding training
Tower captains should continue to ensure that all ringers in your tower have completed the Chichester Diocese online Basic Awareness Safeguarding (C0) course which is now mandatory. The training can be found at Completed certificates should be passed to your Parish Safeguarding Officer.
DBS certificates
If you need a DBS certificate to teach young ringers, this can be arranged via your Parish Safeguarding Officer.  DBS certificates do not need regular renewal, but it is a good idea to join the "updates service" within one month of gaining your certificate as this makes it easier for organisations to carry out a DBS check in the future.
Val Clay, SCACR Safeguarding Officer

Sussex Young Ringers update - August 2022

The Whitechapel Trophy is firmly in the hands of Sussex Young Ringers after a superb 180 of Grandsire Doubles at St Mark’s Exeter triumphed over 6 other method teams at the Ringing World National Youth Contest.  As well as the Ringing World, you’ll see a picture of the team and trophy on the website and an article in Soundbow soon. Meanwhile Samuel and I have both been interviewed on Radio Sussex. There's also a photo of Katherine ringing the tenor at Exeter Cathedral, demonstrating that tenors are "not just a boy thing"!

The Ashdown Forest outing in July saw a number of new faces with 17 youngsters altogether (thanks to the parents and helpers who provided transport). Quote from Riley (aged 8): "It was awesome to meet young ringers of all abilities!"

We are now planning meet-ups once a month until Christmas: these will be open to all with opportunity for advanced ringing as well as time for novices.  Young ringers and their parents are welcome to register anytime – contact Marisa This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07796 145464.

Marisa Hayes

RWNYC medal 2022RW cover RWNYC 2022Young Ringers ringing in Exeter 2022Young Ringers at leisure

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